Cornell University

Roosevelt Island, NYC, NY

Cornell is building a new STEM campus on Roosevelt Island to house the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute. With 650,000 square feet of buildings expected to open 2017, it will include one of the largest low-energy buildings in the US, the Bloomberg Center. GI Energy was responsible for the vertical Ground Source Heat Pump system, which is to provide the significant majority of the heating and cooling load.

Key Facts
Client Type: Education
Technology: Geothermal
Geography: East Coast


This system, the first of its kind in the United States, utilizes a unique annulus pumping system (adopted from the oil industry) to increase the efficiency of the ground loop. It takes advantage of river water penetrating through fissures in the local bedrock to accelerate thermal dissipation.

How Our Services Helped:

We selected a specialist drilling team to create 80 boreholes, installed at 20 foot spacing. The borings go to a depth of 400 feet, and intercept the major water bearing fracture which exists between 300 to 380 feet at the bore field area.

We have seamlessly integrated with the General Contractor on the site, effortlessly managing the logistical complications that arise from working in a city-center location.

ROI & Future Plans:

This project is currently under construction: please contact us directly if you would like any further information