North Shore Towers

Floral Park, NY
Key Facts
Client Type: Residential
Technology: CHP
Geography: East Coast

North Shore Towers
Executive Summary:

North Shore Towers, a luxury co-op community, was in dire need of upgrading its 43-year-old combined heating and power (CHP) system. GI Energy was contracted to replace three of six prime movers while maintaining continuous operation of the entire complex.


The complex relies fully on the existing CHP system to provide all of their heating, cooling, and electricity with no backup from the utility, so a seamless transfer was essential for uninterrupted operation of the facility. Continuous operation was particularly important to the North Shore Towers Management, whose primary goal was to ensure the safety of residents, with minimal inconvenience.

How Our Services Helped:

GI Energy Construction and Project Management team, came up with an allinclusive, comprehensive plan including backup rental generators connected and kept on-site for the duration of the project.

ROI & Future Plans:

GI Energy teamed with Caterpillar distributor, H.O. Penn Machinery, to install three (3) natural-gas fired reciprocating engines totaling 4.8 MW. These upgrades increase the overall efficiency, conserve fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.

The new system is fully operational as of July 23, 2014 with the completion of construction, commissioning, and testing.