717 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY

717 Fifth Avenue is in the heart of New York’s exclusive shopping district. GI Energy had to work seamlessly with building engineers to connect with Con Edison’s supply network. 

Key Facts
Client Type: Commercial
Technology: CHP
Geography: East Coast

717 Fifth Avenue
Executive Summary:

GI Energy led the development to install a 1.6 MW on-site combined heat and power (CHP) system. Located in the heart of the Plaza District, the system is the first of its kind to be synchronously interconnected to the critical midtown network grid of ConEd.


The building owners were looking for improved power reliability, cleaner electric power, below market energy rates and back-up power throughout the building.

How Our Services Helped:

Engineered, built and installed on a turnkey basis by GI Energy’s CHP specialists to generate electric power during on-and midpeak hours, and provide chilled water in the summer and hot water in the winter.

ROI & Future Plans:

The system achieves a combined efficiency of more than 70%, approximately double the efficiency of conventional power supplied by the grid. 717 Fifth Avenue CHP received distinguished recognition by the EPA.