Federal Center South

Seattle, WA

The project was a total overhaul & redevelopment of an original timber-framed warehouse of approximately 350,000 square feet. The Building was supported on shallow timber piles.

Key Facts
Client Type: Public Sector
Technology: Geothermal
Geography: West Coast

  • This was the largest Driven Energy Pile Project in the US


  • 30% of the facilities heating and cooling needs are provided by the geothermal system

Federal Center South
Executive Summary:

The Federal Center South in Seattle, Washington is a $72-million redevelopment project, funded by the GSA as part of their investment through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This state of the art facility provides an ideal location for government agencies whose security requirements prohibit a downtown location. The structure is one of the greenest and most high profile GSA projects in the Pacific Northwest, and has LEED Gold certification. GI Energy’s design for a geothermal energy pile system comprising 350 pipe piles contributed significantly to this rating.


GI Energy worked with the consultant engineers, WSP Flack + Kurtz to design a geothermal energy pile system to integrate HDPE loops into the 350 closed-ended pipe piles that went 120 feet deep to support the building.


HVAC systems in the building include chilled beams and phase-change materials. GI Energy worked with the group to assess and implement the most effective way to marry the geothermal system to the other innovative heating and cooling systems.

How Our Services Helped:

Completed in October 2012, the Center has become one of the most sustainable office buildings in the nation – the building has LEED Gold Certification and is pursuing Platinum Certification. Furthermore, it is on track to earn an ENRGY STAR Score of 100 – Top 1% of comparable buildings.