Financing Options

GI Energy has developed a wide range of funding solutions for our customers. Working with world-class partners in the banking, finance and ESCO communities, we tailor our approach to meet specific customer needs while ensuring efficient monetization of all available incentives.  We work with a number of models including asset ownership, project finance, tax-exempt energy finance, PACE funding, NYSERDA Funding and investment tax credit equity.

See NYSERDA page for further information on that program.

Please see below for a list of some of the financing structures that GI Energy can facilitate.

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Direct Asset Ownership

End-user provides upfront capital and receives all economic returns and energy savings, but takes on all performance, commodity and construction risk. GIE can provide a long term service contract. 

Lease Structure

The end user avoids paying upfront costs, but is responsible for monthly lease payments that will be used to pay down initial investment. Monthly payments are not tied to energy purchase or usage. End-user is responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance. GIE can provide long term service contract.

Energy Services Agreement (ESA)

Allows the end-user to have ownership of the efficiency measures, while paying back the initial investment made by GIE through a long-term agreement tied to actual energy savings. 

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

GIE provides upfront capital and takes ownership of the energy efficiency system, providing stable energy pricing over a long-term contract to the end user.