Energy Pile Foundations

GI Energy is the world’s leading expert in Energy Foundations, also known as EnergyPiles™.  Our team was involved in the largest driven energy pile project in the USA, the Seattle Federal building. We have completed projects in New York City (such as the Trevor Day School) and we’re currently working on an exciting development with Google in California.

GI Energy’s commitment to excellence and cutting-edge energy technology allows us to be the leader in Energy Foundations. We’re able to fully design, develop, construct, and operate environmentally and financially sustainable energy solutions for businesses on a global scale.

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What are Energy Foundations?

Energy Foundations are geothermal loops that are expertly built or installed into the foundation of a building. These geothermal loops are installed to full depth-of-pile, maximizing available geothermal output. The loops are attached to heat exchangers, which extract energy from the ground to heat or cool a building.

Infrastructures beneath the building then become a renewable, sustainable energy source that can reduce energy consumption by 40% – and for very little additional cost over time.

Why GI Energy?

GI Energy has a long history of excellence. Aside from developing the largest EnergyPiles™ project in America, we’ve built the first commercial Cogeneration Systems in San Francisco and New York and first Net-Zero Energy retail store in the country.

We’re a trusted partner of Skanska for EnergyPiles™ Energy Foundations, a UK market leader in GSHP solutions, and a pioneer in the field of sustainable, financially-sound energy solutions.

For more information about Energy Foundations, see our blog post and our case study.

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